Need some figures for your Victorian/Edwardian game? I asked for some recommendations, and the combined might of the RPG industry and British wargaming fandom gave me quite a few...

Finally, here is a brief listing of manufacturers and their ranges in various scales, originally compiled by Richard Brooks for Heliograph Inc. Details of these manufacturers are above or can be found by a web search or in specialist magazines.

28mmWars Covered
BicorneItalian Abyssinian War, NW Frontier, Sudan, Egyptian War
BritanniaSudan, Crimea, NW Frontier, Old West, Villa
Cannon FodderSudan, Darkest Africa, Italian Abyssinian War, Ireland
Castaway Arts1st Ashanti War, Egyptian War
ConnoisseurSudan, Zulu War, Boer
CopplestoneDarkest Africa
DixonDahomey, Mutiny, Wild West
EurekaVicSciFi figures
FoundryMutiny, NW Frontier, Darkest Africa, Boer War, Plains Wars, Wild West, Maximillian, VicSciFi figures, Chinese, Tiger Hunting, Apache Wars
Frontline WargamingAfrican buildings, Boats, Accessories
HinchcliffeZulu War, Sudan
HLBSVicSciFi figures, British Home Service, Darkest Africa boats and animals, Dinosaurs, French Colonial, German Colonial, SP-Am War, Big Game Hunters
HovelsAfrican Buildings
ItalwarItalian Abyssinian War
MerrimackWild West forts and buildings, small boats
Old GlorySaharan FFL Wars, Zulu, NW Frontier, Boer War, Plains Wars, Sudan, Boxer Rebellion, Indian Mutiny, Maori Wars, Sp-Am War, Apache Wars
Redoubt Zulu War, Sudan, Saharan FFL Wars, VicSciFi vehicles
SheltrumVicSciFi vehicles and figures
Steve BarberCavemen, African buildings, Arab baazaar stalls and stuff
Strategia & TatticaItalian Abyssinian War
Ultimate Zulu, Sudan, Egyptian
Village GreenAfrican buildings, Boats
WindcatcherSaharan FFL
25mmWars Covered
AmazonZulu, Boer
BritanniaSudan, Pathan, Villistas
DutkinsZulu War figure molds
FrontierSudan, Zulu, NW Frontier, Boxer, Saharan FFL
Falcon USBoxer Rebellion, German Colonial, Italians, Boer War, Sudan
Falcon UKRusso-Japanese, SP-Am War, Colonial East Africa
Geo-HexWild West, Saloon fixtures
Iron BrigadeBoxer, FFL, Sudan, Zulu
IrregularZulus, Mahdists, Abyssinians, NW Frontier, Sudan, Chinese Boxers
London War RoomMaori Wars, Abyssinian, Ashanti War, Chinese, Sikhs, Ships Guns, Gunboats
MatchlockFFL SE Asia, German SW Africa, Italians, Boxer Rebellion, Dahomey
MinifigsSudan, Egyptian, Boer War, Boxer Rebellion, Zulu
POP EnterprisesBuildings
Ral ParthaZulu War, Boer War, NW Frontier, Sudan, Animals
RevirescoKing's African Rifles, German Schutztruppen, VicSciFi figures, Divers, Ships guns and accessories, all in their "28mm" line
SheltrumVicSciFi figures and vehicles, Dyaks in Kyaks, Buildings Malaysia, British 1850, steamships
UltimateZulu, Egyptian, Sudan
WarriorZulu War, Boer War, Sudan
20mmWars Covered
C&Q EquipmentWWI Africa, Vehicles, Buildings
ESCIZulus, Islamic, British, FFL
HATFFL Western Sahara
IrregularPlains War
Newline DesignZulu War
RevirescoGerman Colonial, in their 25mm line
Stan JohansenBoxer Rebellion
SheltrumBuildings North Africa
QualiticastZulu War, Plains Indians
15mmWars Covered
CellmateBoxer Rebellion
EssexSudan, Egyptian War, Zulu
Falcon UKImperial Chinese
FantassinSp-Am War
Feudal CastingsSikh Wars, Mutiny
Frei CorpsSp-Am War, Maximillian, Plains Wars
FrontierSudan, Zulu War, NW Frontier, Boxer Rebellion, FFL
Gallia (Warrior)Sudan, Zulu War, NW Frontier, Boer War
GladiatorAbyssinians, Zulus, Russians
Haus of StuffSp-Am War
HovelsAfrican Buildings, Plains Wars, Apache Wars, Old West
IrregularZulu War, Sudan, NWF, Boxer, Abyssinian, Maori, Boer, Ashanti, Masai, FFL
Lancashire GamesNW Frontier, Sudan, Zulu
MinifigsNW Frontier, Sudan, Zulu, Egyptian War, FFL, Boer War
NaismithZulu War, Sudan, Boer War
POP EnterprisesBuildings
Stone MountainSaharan FFL Wars, Zulu War, Sudan, NW Frontier
Tin SoldierBoer War, Italian
Two DragonsLate Sudan, Early India
12mmWars Covered
Ultimate's N-ScaleLate Sudan, FFL North Africa, Bedouins, Turks 1914, some larger natives will fit with Falcon UK 15s
10mmWars Covered
HovelsNorth African Buildings, should fit with Ultimate's 12mm or N-Scale
6mmWars Covered
HovelsNorth African buildings