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This message was posted in on 27th April 1997. It passed unopposed.


This group will be created five days after this notice appears unless I
receive any valid complaints by email.  Complaints will be resolved by
the committee (

For further information on the newsgroup creation process in the UK
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Richard Letts                                 

Request for FAST TRACK creation of uk.rec.pets.misc
(Was uk.rec.pets)
Proposed by: Marcus L Rowland (

There has been a limited positive response and no objections to the
creation of this group; accordingly, it is proposed that this group
should be created without further delay, and this is a request for the
Fast Track creation of uk.rec.pets.misc

Discussion so far
The original name proposed for this newsgroup was uk.rec.pets

Since the RFD for this group was posted there has been a slow but
entirely positive response. It is generally recognised that a "chicken
and egg" situation exists; since the main usenet groups covering this
field fail to meet the needs of uk users, they are largely unused by uk
posters; accordingly it has been difficult to publicise the RFD
adequately, thus accounting for the limited response.

At an early stage of the discussion it became clear that it was felt
likely that it might eventually be desireable to split the group to
cater for different interests (such as cats, dogs, reptiles, etc.); a
change to uk.rec.pets.misc at this stage would make later changes
easier, and this proposal has been amended accordingly.


Unmoderated group: uk.rec.pets.misc


uk.rec.pets.misc           Pet care and related issues in the UK

        Subjects for discussion:
        Pet-related activities, events, and products which are mainly of
        interest to pet owners in the UK. Examples could include:

        Availability of pets, supplies, and pet housing in the UK. Pet
        shows and events in the UK. Helpful vets etc. UK pet magazines,
        TV programmes, etc. Private advertising of pets etc. wanted or
        for sale.

        Postings relevant to animals in general, and not specifically to
        the UK scene, may best be handled by the existing rec.pets.*
        hierarchy. Political matters related to animals and their
        welfare in the UK may be more relevant to uk.politics.animals.
        The activities of wild animals are more suitable for
        uk.rec.birdwatching and/or the hierarchy. Items related
        to horses and ponies etc. are likely to be most relevant to the
        uk.rec.equestrian newsgroup.

        Posters are asked to include a reference to the general class of
        animal involved, and the type of post, by including one or more
        of the following codes in the message title:

                [AQ]    Aquaria, Fish etc.
                [BIRD]  Birds etc.
                [CAT]   Cats etc.
                [DOG]   Dogs etc.
                [FS]    For sale.
                [HERP]  Herpetology; snakes, reptiles, amphibians, etc.
                [INV]   Invertebrates (insects etc.)
                [MAM]   Other mammals; Rats, mice, ferrets, etc.

        Short (less than 20 line) on-topic private advertisements and
        announcements of events relevant to readers are permitted, at
        intervals of at least a week; off-topic or commercial
        advertising is not, except as part of a signature.

        Binaries are not permitted on this group, however references to 
        on-topic FTP-able material and Web URL's are welcomed. 

        This group will not be moderated. 

The newsgroup is now active.