Sam Snake's Web Page

Marcus and Sam - 36k GIF Watch the birdie - 33k GIF Twist and Hiss - 34k GIF Dark in here, isn't it... - 24k GIF Sam In Closeup - 115k GIF

Sam (on the right in the top picture) is a captive-bred male corn snake, Elaphe guttata, and is approximately 4 years old; there is some uncertainty about his exact age because I'm his second owner, and nobody seems to be too sure how old he was when purchased. His coloration is unusually bright, and there is reason to think that he may be a "Keys corn" or "hypomelanistic" variant, lacking some of the dark pigment found in the skin of most corn snakes. This can be inherited but also appears as a mutation.

Sam's hobbies are eating, digesting, sleeping, slithering, and thinking about eating, with special reference to mice. Warning; if you visit my flat, be very careful what comes out of the freezer...

There are a couple of pictures of Sam eating on another page (37k download); don't look if you are squeamish!

In January 1997 Sam was 105 cm long (about 41 inches); In July 1999 I measured him again at 139-40 cm long, about 4ft 7", and weight 852g, roughly 2lb.

Sam has been invited to buy musical instruments (like most snakes he's deaf), music, porn, and computer software; he has also been offered a (human) Russian bride and several business opportunities. He is eagerly awaiting the Sexy Muffins and Hair Implantation messages.

Sam lives with Cornelia, a female corn snake. They met on June 10th 1997 and have since mated and produced approximately 75 eggs over two years. The eggs and hatchlings have their own web page.

If you actually think it's a good idea to send e-mail to a snake, Sam's address is But don't expect much in the way of a reply!

updated: August 5th 1999