The Forgotten Futures CD-Rom

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The Forgotten Futures CD-Rom contains all of the Forgotten Futures role playing material plus an expanding collection of Victorian and Edwardian articles, fiction, and illustrations in HTML format. This was previously sold as shareware; however, I have now decided to make it freely available - but if you'd like to help me keep the site running and support Cancer Research UK please hit the Paypal button on the right!

Download the last release of the Forgotten Futures CD-ROM as a Zip file (482mb):

Once the file is downloaded save it, then copy the contents into a new directory. From there you can either run it from the hard disk or burn it to a CD.

On Windows computers the CD should autorun and run a small search engine, which is helpful for finding files containing any given key word. If you want to run it from the hard disk I'd recommend using a subdirectory such as "C:/ff-cd" or similar, rather than putting it into a directory on the desktop, since the search engine may not work properly otherwise.

On Mac, Linux, etc. the search engine won't work without a windows emulator, and has not been tested extensively.

Please IGNORE anything you see in these files about shareware registration - due to changes in European law I'm no longer in the shareware business.

In the Game section of the CD-ROM the Forgotten Futures II variant Mummies: The Next Generation appears by permission of Steve Jackson Games, who originally published a slightly different version in Challenge Magazine.

See below for CD-ROM contents:


Out November 20th 2010, Release 7.0 includes

Release 6.1 includes

Release 5.0 adds

Version 4.1
Out August 2002, version 4.1 includes an HTML search engine from Ansible Information for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 systems, allowing fast access to all files containing a key word or phrase. It also auto-boots and starts the web browser automatically on these systems. With the exception of one new book, E. Nesbit's Wet Magic, in HTML and Microsoft .LIT formats, the contents are unchanged from release 4.0.

Material added to the CD-Rom Release 4.0 includes