The Nightlife Of The Gods


Thorne Smith

  1. Criticizing an Explosion
  2. Blotto's Tail Astounds
  3. Reluctant Statues
  4. The Little Man and the Scarecrow
  5. A Furious Reception
  6. The Invasion of Hawk's Bed
  7. Playful Petrification
  8. Meg Removes Her Pull-Offs
  9. A Nude Descends the Stairs
  10. An Epidemic of Escapes
  11. The Pursuing Beard
  12. Looking the Gods Over
  13. The Gods Step Down
  14. The Gods Get Dressed
  15. The Gods Get Housed
  16. Neptune Gets His Fish
  17. Meg, Mercury & Betts, Inc.
  18. A Demoralizing Tank Party
  19. The Gods Leave Town
  20. Battle and Flight
  21. The Gods on Trial
  22. The Last Sigh


To borrow from Mr J. B. Priestley
this book is in gratitude offered to a couple of
Neal & Dorothy Andrews

This novel by Thorne Smith (1892-1934) was originally published in 1931 in the USA, and in 1939 in Britain. This e-text was originally transcribed by Malcolm Farmer, to whom all thanks; I'm not sure which edition it's based on. I've reformatted it and checked for accuracy using Penguin's 1957 edition. To the best of my knowledge and belief all European copyright in this work, including editorial copyright in this edition, has now expired.

While every effort has been made to avoid errors, it's likely that some remain; you are strongly advised to refer back to original sources for scholastic purposes.

Marcus L. Rowland, April 2005