The Glorious Pool


Thorne Smith

  1. Congratulations
  2. Nockashima and the Bloodhound
  3. Baggage Checks Out
  4. Just a Dip at Twilight
  5. Alarums and Incursions
  6. The Major's Old and Rare
  7. Exit on Hook and Ladder
  8. The Lower Half's a Lady
  9. Crown's Cosmopolitan
  10. A Walk through Town
  11. The House Beautiful
  12. Sue Turns
  13. Man into Child
  14. Of Human Badinage
  15. All in a Night's Work
    Thorne Smith

This novel by Thorne Smith (1892-1934) was originally published in 1934 by Doubleday. This e-text has been scanned from Pocket Books' 16th printing (1953). To the best of my knowledge and belief all European copyright in this work, including editorial copyright in this edition, has now expired.

The edition scanned included as a final page a section entitled "Thorne Smith's Writing as Thorne Smith Saw It," which is shown as Thorne Smith in the table of contents.

During the OCR process numerous spelling and grammatical errors were corrected, more so than for any of the other novels archived here since the book was in very poor condition, and it is likely that some errors were missed. For scholastic purposes you are strongly advised to refer back to the original text.

Marcus L. Rowland, May 2005