Topper Takes A Trip


Thorne Smith

  1. Morning Thoughts on a German Model
  2. Mr Topper Shakes Hands
  3. Monsieur Grandon's Vesuvius
  4. Animated Discourse with a Foot
  5. One Thing Leads to Another
  6. Unseen and Uninvited Guests
  7. A Self-tipping Hat
  8. Casual Conversation at the English Bar
  9. 'All God's Chillun Got Shoes'
  10. La Plage Tranquille
  11. Interlude on the Rocks
  12. The Eccentric Behaviour of Scollops
  13. A Lady's Leg Betrays
  14. At the Hôtel Splendide
  15. Six Well Fixed Races
  16. The Ascension of Colonel Scott
  17. From Tree to Tree
  18. The Disappearing Suicide
  19. Looking at a Lot of Fish
  20. Sanctuary
  21. The Broken Window
  22. The Law Takes Its Casual Course
  23. An Invitation To Be Murdered
  24. Night Thoughts on a Vanished Mistress

This novel by Thorne Smith (1892-1934) was originally published in 1932 in the USA. This e-text has been scanned from Penguin's 1957 edition. To the best of my knowledge and belief all European copyright in this work, including editorial copyright in this edition, has now expired.

During the OCR process numerous spelling and grammatical errors were corrected, but some were probably missed. For scholastic purposes you are strongly advised to refer back to the original text.

Marcus L. Rowland, April 2005